Second highest price ever paid for Australian Wagyu, $200,000, heads for Tocumwal NSW

“Premier Wagyu Auction” Adelaide, SA. Lot 16; “Trent Bridge K0034” was the second female Wagyu on the day to break last year’s record price of $185,000 which was paid for a Poll Wagyu bull (Midnight).

The “Trent Bridge Wagyu Stud” put the animal to auction, where it was purchased by “GeneFlow Pty Ltd”, a Bovine IVF Embryo company on the NSW / Vic border at Tocumwal NSW.

We are very excited to own such a high-quality animal,” said Dr Paul Donnelly, chair of GeneFlow. Genetics at this level are very scarce, so the opportunities to access them are rare.

“We’re calling her “The Princess.”

Harvey Weyman-Jones, Stud Stock Manager for Ruralco/GDL, the sole agents for the AWA, and the auctioneer of the Wagyu females, stated:

“The latest IVF technology combined with genomic testing has allowed the values of elite females to go to another level, in line with the very best bull prices. These top donor cows can now produce an income of up to $500,000 per year, so although last week’s sale prices might seem extraordinary, they are still an excellent investment. I look forward to marketing the offspring in the years to come.”

Trent Bridge K0034, marbling abilities, which leads to more dollars in producers’ pockets, are as follows:

Marble Score (MS) +2.4 (4 times breed Av), World Ranking outside of Japan. Females only, equal 1st when Males are included equal 3rd (Breed Highest ranking +2.8, Breed Av +0.6)

Marble Fineness (MF) +0.48 (3.7 times breed Av), World Ranking outside of Japan Females only; equal 3rd   when males are included equal 9th (Breed highest ranking +0.61, Breed Av +0.13)

GeneFlow intends to syndicate her back to the Australian Wagyu industry, with access rights, and will use an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) breeding program. This embryo technology allows the highest yield of offspring from an elite dam. GeneFlow purchased 2 cows & a bull on the day.

The use of IVF in cattle breeding has expanded rapidly in recent years in the USA, and the big cattle producing countries of Argentina and Brazil, replacing Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET) which requires intensive use of hormones and provides lower yields of calves compared to IVF.

GeneFlow has recently employed two Argentinian vets who specialise in IVF embryo technology to expand this offering in the Australian market. The company aims to assist seed stock producers of all breeds to gain maximum return from their best females, with high-yield IVF embryo technology.

IVF can also make the use of high-cost semen very economical, particularly for elite breeds such as Wagyu, where semen can fetch up to $8000 per straw.

And, there is another emerging advantage which will lead to better decision-making in dam selection, according to Dr Donnelly, “Single Step EBV’s” (EBV)

“Until recently, assessment of the EBV’s of dams carried low reliability largely due to their low offspring number. With the recent arrival of genotyping, which is now combined into Single Step EBVs, the breeding merit of a dam can be determined just after birth and more accurately then in previous years. This clearer, identification of the best females will enable seed stock breeders to maximise the number of calves born from them, via IVF.

“Improvements in rates of genetic gain; and an increase in the numbers of superior offspring for sale are the result. This offers a tremendous opportunity to seedstock breeders.”

Single Step EBV’s are now available in four beef cattle breeds, Wagyu, Angus, Braham and Hereford, four sheep breeds, Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Border Leicester and two dairy breeds Holstein & Jersey.

For more information contact Keith Hay, CEO, GeneFlow on 0429183109 and visit